Sunday, June 27, 2010

Where's my Pink IC! in another 6 more mths, I'll be who i am initially. the real real identity..I wan myself back, the time spend alone on my own and the never ending time spend outside the urban world! instead of trapped in a isolated camp..without life or colours..I no longer wanna be a vegetarian! i wanna be a carnivore! LOL! no more green, its red or pink time!! ARGH!!!

ord ord ord!!! urging for the time to come!! ARGH!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

New post New post!! come and read!! haha..well, sometimes ppl just have to get expose to different things to get a closer look of wat they really look like or wat they can really do to themselves..To explore different things, change the way they look, the way they speak, pick up good habits and hygiene. Nv harm to learn more stuffs =)

Back to mapling again! i cannot help it ah, all my fellow plt mates are playing! and i cant help it but to join in the fun! HAHA! oh my =D mapling is so fun when u get to play with your friends..

ATEC stage 2 next week. which is a sign of ORD BITCHES! YOU FILTHY ANIMAL! ***!!! shall not mention it. HAHA! ORD LOOOOOH!! 6 more mths..Its near but yet so far~ patience..and it will come to u like u owned it..
I always wonder, those who are attached...esp guys..or i shall say only guys, HAHA! goes into Ns and their gf will leave them..its like a of course man. Ns = end of relationship! LAWL! that happened to me..well, wat i can say is that..Ns didn't make me a man, the person that left me during my hardest time..made me a real man..tough time don last but tough man does..regret leaving. HAHA!!! Just a piece of my mind, i don hold grudges to the past anymore. =)

Oh ya, this song is catchy. Cheryl Cole - Parachute..not bad ^^
shall post again soon~

Monday, May 31, 2010

Woah! long time no post! =) Been busy or should i say lazy to blog nowadays. High key training only makes me complain in my blog rather than talking abt how i'm doing recently...So let myself cool down for afew weeks before i kick off with a better mood to blog. haha...
Its good to upgrade yourself no matter wat. even though its a small course to make yourself knowledgeable. y not go ahead..doesn't harm u to learn more things. HAHA! well i really dunno where should i start from after so many weeks or mths..
Cut down on night life alot now..I think i'm starting to lose interest in going to these kinda place..Nobody made me feel this way but i just personally feel that its getting boring. haha, i cant get the connection there and club is like drifting apart..Is it that the club change or did i changed? o.O
I think its a good thing to get less involve in night life..Gonna ORD soon. and i think every weekend night life gotta go man. gotta cut down on this shit. =X carrier first. then party. haha! as always..i put my job first then smth else later...thats how i love to do my job =) feel the passion? ^^

Haven't been touching on my wonders magical hands have not been doing good. i think i needa practise casting some spells hands are glued to the computer everyday. and guess wat. i'm back to playing maple again! coz almost half of my plt is playing. including the commanders. HAHA! this is like a mass orge maple fun i can say! i got attracted to it addictive!! =D working hard on the other side of my talent. trying to refine wat is hidden inside. like carbon or tar. keep refining it to smth else or keep clearing it for a better view..Looking myself at a totally diff angle. or maybe some of u already think i already have that angle. hahaa! oh well..gotta go~

Oh ya, i read back my blog post. i got my marksmen already ;) another $200 dollars! which means $400 and 3 days off!! WOOOO!! my oh my am i goooood.. haha..

and btw, a msg to u, if u still come visit my rotting blog..thanks for everything, really thank u for appreciating me so much..don try any harder..simple is good..too much will be awkward.. =)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Try and try and try to log in, finally i'm in =) HAHA! Last update since India till now..Recently went out with Serence, Simon and Joanne =) long time no see eh! HAHA! had lots of laughter and fun with them =) caught Clash of the Titans 3D. Dont really find the 3D effect so amazing -.- its like the same as 2D! And the subtitles are not even clear at all! waste my money! Zzzzz...Shall meet up with them soon again for another outing =) hahaa..I ps them that day after dinner to find my friends. Ops =X No 2nd time alright! =D Oh ya and the popcorn at Ion is nice! =) haha..lots of different flavours. Gonna but it again the next time i go Ion =) White cheese flavour is nice! but your finger stinks after eating >.<

Achievements for myself. 1 more sec i'll have my name on the record and not sharing it with another guy -.- that black nigger! =X..Forget it. As long as i pass. i don't mind wat timing i get =) i did my best i know. HAHA! He tries to break anything i achieve. Wats the use -.- there is no extra pay or extra day off. HAHA! Ippt gold another achievement. Another $200 dollars! No Pt No Soc No Pt No Soc!
YES! WEEE! The next one will be Marksman! ARGH!

I feel that somehow, we still shouldn't contact each other yet, just a text to u can affect u so much? I don wanna go through all those things again..I like the way i am now and i don wanna turn back anymore..Its time i really have a rest.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

New post new post~ Before coming to this page. i actually have alot of things that i wanna say and post. but when i come to this page for publish new post. i come to a blank. HAHA! then i have to dig out wat i want from my mind. Finally have a successful tanning ytd at kj laopo's condo. weee! i went tanning on friday and it sux! the weather played me man. FARK!! when i'm done with gym i actually plan to tan. and then after i gym, i still wanna tan. but it took me 5 mins to think whether should i tan or not. coz i see dark clouds coming in. then i just heck la~ i went in and then!! tan for 15mins on my back..clouds covered the sun! Stupid -___- then waited for 10 mins, started drizzling~ fed up~ went to bath, out of the toilet and its sunny again. Zzzz..but when i started walking to T1 it rained! FARK! i don like the sky nowadays. always play me out! FARK!
Okay, back to ytd..So i went to laopo's house to tan and swim. Nice nice sunny weather there ^^ brought him breakfast too. my spaghetti bolognaise left over from ytd. Actually wanna make it into like a pizza thing with egg. But nvm~ i've yet to get enough ingredients. So y not just bring over for him to eat. Since he nv tasted my cooking before. HAHA! =)
Went for a movie at Tamp mall with him after swimming..Watched being human filmed by jackneo. Its not a nice show either. But quite entertaining..We wasted 20 mins at theatre 4! which is showing whimpy kid of wat shit i dunno. and we are suppose to sit in theatre 8! which is just side by side! -.- we were wondering y is this advertisment so long. 20 mins u know! then kj went to check..and then! we left the theatre. HAHA! the funny part is that we are sitting on some other ppl's seat. LOL! and the person have to sit next to us. at the same time. i'm thinking, eh? y are there malay girls with tu dong watching this show too? they are like in a group of 6-8 i think. LOL! and so many families around us. lots of small kids too. HAHA!! wrong theatre man. wrong theatre. LOL! Not my kinda show too. HAHA!
Well~ parted after the show and met with my hangouts. no place to go after a brain storm and headed home~

Do girls hint guys so much? i nv thought that there are so many ways of getting a guy to indirectly get eg phone number la. dates la~ from a girl? its so easy for girls. they play the trick, u just have to fall for it, and u don have to ask for their number, they just leave it there for u. but for guys. u play the trick, u get played back -.- Guys just cant say no. But girls always say no to guys~ well..thats life and u have to suck on it!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Its very thoughtful of u. to write a letter indirectly to me.. A letter that only i can see? i assume..haha =D u have so many things to say to me. i can see it in your eyes that day at the airport. Somehow i find the lil conflict at the airport did quite well for me not to think abt u too much. well, seriously i didnt get that msg of yours. I guess its fated to be like this?

I'll not elaborate or explain abt wat i wanna say after reading wat u said..i don wanna reopen the court case. HAHA! that will nv end.. I'll just leave it as it is. Things are always simpler that way..maybe when u have afew more Bf, then u'll start to think differently as well. =) Thanks for the so so so many compliments. HAHAAA!! U're great gf for a beginner.. =)

Gonna have a long long term break for me~ HAHA! holiday for the single..=)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Back from India Dudes!! Weeeee. I miss Singapore so much!!! =) Wanna party on friday night when i come back but nv did i know that i got poisoned!!! food poisoning =( spoil the whole day..Didn't get it when i was in India, but got it when i came back. Shagggg...

If u ask me how was the trip? i would say the places that i've been to sux. The food there is acceptable, but still quite risky to eat. U nv know when will u have a tummy ache. Or some sort of disease. And u can only drink from bottled water..No tap water. even though if its boiled, still u cant drink it..That is how dirty the water is. From above the plane i can see certain areas are lighted up. certain area is just pitch black in India. Touched down at New Delhi airport..The rate of the airport i'll give 2 star..I dunno how i rate it but i just don like it!
Once i step out of the airport. I was hoping to get some fresh air after the 5 hours flight. wat i smell was like smog? Burning of incense paper? carbon monoxide? dust? and its cold out there during the night too. temperature fall to 23-26 degree..During the day its like 38-40 degree? its hot but its not as humid as Singapore..Its still cooling if u stand under the shade. but the sun is scorching!
In India, ppl need the most is just a job. any job will do, as long as they have one..when we're abt to board the bus, our luggage have to be mounted up in the boot of the bus. they have someone who is inside the boot. arranging your luggage! wtf! and the bus driver is like farking him upside down. he was so close to smack him..He is like a slave. really pity that guy..
Had a long bus trip to a resting area for supper at a hotel. Good food there..the tea i can say is superb. its so good! HAHA! And then again another long bus trip to the train station..The smell of the train station is like u're standing in the drain. the smell is like 5 times worst than that..Then i asked, where is the toilet? and then...... Oh~ just find somewhere u feel safe and do watever u wan..o.O!!! either shit or pee!!! WTF! and i know y this place stink so much..another reason was that the toilet in the train. u don have to flush, everything just comes out from the hole to the track!! LOL! and if your shit is too big it got trap in between the hole then too bad~ >.< SICK!
When boarding the train we have to be fast. coz u nv know which Indian will take your seat without paying. LOL!
Another 5-6 hours ride on the train. Sight seeing of padi fields~ cows, sheeps and goats. U can see ppl shitting out of no where~ everywhere is like being bombard..Zzz tattered and torn, here and there..Ppl living in poverty, small little kids begging for money everywhere. They will even beg for frags..Just imagine how poor they are..
India trip is a wake up call for me..learn to appreciate the good things here. coz u can get non of them at the place where i visit.
there is more to say abt the place. Just don feel like it. kinda lazy!~ HAHA! =X
Sight seeing R&R was okay. The taj mahal was indeed magnificent..Not bad, pictures can be viewed on my FB..
Didn't expect the shopping malls to close at 8.30pm at night! -.- water at the hotel which we use for bathing is yellow! LOL! luckily not for drinking! HAHA!

Okay...friends are hard to predict. friends come and go. just like any other things..Just because of some small incident and without any further explanation or trying to get things solve and get it the right way. U choose to just break contact or smth like this..Or be angry and frustrated, or even choose to show your attitude by deleting some of your contact through online. like example facebook..So be it. our 4-5 years of friendship just ended like this? if u wan it this way. i'm okay with it..u have alot of friends? i have too..and i'm sick of being in between of everything that is going on. Since the majority cannot stand u. which obviously means smth is wrong. If u still dunno wats wrong then continue being your way..U wan it this way. u have it. i'm farking tired of it! If this is how u treat your best friends. i really dunno wat to say to the others. Thanks for being a friend. now i know wat these 4-5 years is all abt.